Saturday, 7 March 2009

Under The Weather

Feeling a bit under the weather this evening. It's one of the highlights of having a wife that works in a school (she's caught it too and not just carried it home), there's a new illness every week!!

So as I write I have a high temperature, sore throat and a headache, let's just hope it stops at that. So with that I needed something peaceful and calming to look at. I guess that it's not much to look at but I like it and particularly the way the clouds seem to be in relief.

That's about all I have to say, I'm going to crash out and feel sorry for myself :(



Elaine- said...

i love love the colors in the sky!! and it IS a calming shot.... your comment on my page made me laugh, we used to have a dog that would sleep with us and put herself in the middle between us, all stretched out with her longways going side to side... hope you feel better soon!!!

JJ said...

Well I cannot blame your wife or her school but I seem to have the same symptoms today, I am hoping it is just a flu or bug and not a relapse of malaria, but suspect it may be that as my joints are also achy, but used to them now so will bounce back quickly if it is :)

This shot has a calming soothing feel to me

Hope you fele better in the morning