Wednesday, 18 March 2009

This Old House

Unemployment reached two million here today, it's highest rate for twelve years.

Every day more and more lose their jobs whilst the fat cat from RBS (you'll remember that we bailed them out as good old taxpayers, thanks Gordy) walked away with a cash payout and a pension of £694,000 per annum at the age of 50. What did he do for this? Financially ruined the bank. Hey boss if I put us out of business tomorrow what sort of payout can I expect?

Do you know if I work until I'm 65 I'll probably just about make that in the rest of my working life, if I'm lucky enough to be employed all of that time. Of course they'll be National Insurance to pay, then income tax, then tax on fuel, insurance premium tax, road tax, VAT on fuel bills, in fact VAT on everything except food and books (but hey watch this space). I've actually said to myself that I'm going to sit down and work out how much of my weekly pay goes into my pocket but do you know what? I'm actually a bit scared of doing so because I think the answer would be more frightening than I imagine!!

What's my point? I haven't one, I'm just moaning, surely you know me by now ;O)

So the image then. This Old House, ok, ok I know it's a garage, call it artistic license!! I worked hard on this one and I was going to post it yesterday before I showed it to a friend who pointed out, quite rightly, that it wasn't up to scratch. So I redone the whole thing today and I'm much happier with it, so I need to thank him, thanks you old goat I appreciate it ;O) I really do mean that (no not the goat part) if no one tells me it's not good enough how will I ever know?

I'm not sure why it's falling into disrepair and not being used. It's opposite a matching house which looks a bit shabby also. I'd love this garage, not to put a car in of course. I could have a wood working shop downstairs and an office upstairs, although I admit keeping the dust out of the office might be a problem but what the hell I'm just dreaming anyway!.........Power Mac with four 30" screens......2 x Drobo's with 8TB of storage........Small studio perhaps...........sorry drifted off there.

Let me know your thoughts as always.



Elaine- said...

oooh i think it's positively lovely Craig, you'll have to let me know your HDR settings one day... i know those bank bailouts are a bitch

JJ said...

Super shot and processing in my mind, these bonuses these companies are giving out both there and here are just ridiculous in my mind, the furor here is over AIG paid out 175 Mil in retention bonuses, ad 11 of the people that got these bonuses had left the company aready how does that make sense, the senate is talking about taxing the bonuses 100% I think thats a good government move if they do it

OK will stop my rant now LOL
The circle thing in my shot today is actually the colgate clock, will get a closer in shot of it and post one day

Pere Chuliá said...

Bonita imagen de la decadencia y el abandono. Es un símbolo de los tiempos en los que nos ha tocado vivir, donde sólo lo rabiosamente nuevo tiene valor.

Robert Kruh said...

Crazy good post-processing, i liek it! :)