Friday, 30 May 2008

Lady of Lee Valley

A walk around the woods this morning, a pub lunch, a spot of shopping (ok that's not so great but we all have to do it sometime) bumped into an old pal and a walk around the golf course this evening. I could get used to retirement already! Donations to Random Retirements, PO Box.......

This image was taken on Wednesday whilst I was enjoying a cream tea (I put the scone down first). Not much else to say about it really.


Thursday, 29 May 2008

You Talking To Me?

I spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday on an old canal boat having a cream tea and watching life pass by.

It just goes on its merry old way, nothing is rushed, everybody waves & greets you on your way and you wait whilst the lock fills or empties according to your direction of travel. There it struck me, this was the pace of life I'd been harping on about the day before, you can't rush it, it just is and will never change. Not so sure I could live my life on the water but it's food for thought. Got a few frames too that I might use.

This fellow gives me grief every day as I walk by with Tez, goes absolutely mad at us then dashes to the other end of his garden to give us some more. I was determined to capture a frame of him one day, as I lifted the camera he just stopped like he couldn't believe I was actually contemplating taking his picture. After the shutter closed he just jumped down and toddled off as if the game was up!

Anyhow this was really an exercise in processing, all done from raw using HSL/Grayscale and just a blur added afterwards. I'm quite pleased with the result and absolutely no clipping in the shadows or highlights!

As always let me know your thoughts good or bad.


Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Rolling on Relentless

Life just keeps on rolling on, no matter what troubles people have it still zips on relentless.

It all seems too fast these days, having some time off to think (not always a good thing) I find myself longing for the pace of life to slow down, half day closing, quiet Sundays, bank holidays where people actually get a day off and everything is closed, long summer holidays when the sun did actually shine and people had time for each other! There I go again with one foot in the past!

Off on a canal boat trip tomorrow with the WI of all things, still they're quite an entertaining bunch, might get a few shots too ;O)


Monday, 26 May 2008

Away From The Grindstone

Why is it that every time I have some time off from work the weather is always abysmal? Never ceases to amaze me especially after the glorious weather we have had over the last few weeks.

Still I guess that in the grand scheme of things some people are having a real rough time and I really shouldn't be complaining.

To escape the rain today we took a trip out to a local restored mill and seeing as it's 5 minutes from my house I really should have gone before now. It was really interesting to see a water mill in action, lots of other stuff to look at too. There was demo being given, by a retired scientist of all things, on making wooden toys and jigsaws on an old treadle operated scroll saw, it was amazing to watch him work and chat to him, fascinating chap!


Saturday, 24 May 2008

Retro Fever

Had a fantastic evening on Thursday, went to see Paul Weller at the Hammersmith Apollo. The man was on top form with a great mix of old and new material. He just keeps getting better and his music keep progressing.

I had a grin so big it made my face ache! Went with my eldest son too, not too often you get to share that sort of thing with your kids but as it happens I've taught him well and his musical taste is impeccable ;O) My voice was a little croaky Friday morning too!

So retro fever is everywhere, 60's, 70's, 80's people are going mad for it. Those that know me and my penchant for the past and my many related obsessions will not be surprised by this image. For those that are around my age I'd just like to confirm that this IS an Araya 7x and a Comp III, those of you that haven't got a clue-well you had to be there I guess?

I thought I'd post this today to hopefully give my old mate Craig over at id7 a smile, hope things work out OK on all fronts after reading your blog and speaking last night pal.


Tuesday, 20 May 2008

They're Here

Only two more days until I get to see Paul Weller Live, can hardly contain my excitement, I just wish it was possible to take the camera along then I'd be in heaven! Only three more days of work too and I've a week off, Yipeeeee!

A simple frame today, I just liked the rust appearing and the missing rivet, everyone else thought it looked like a creepy alien, does it? Can't see it myself, as ever let me know what you think. Funny thing about this is that it's quite a substantial bar and lock-there's a two foot gap either side of it though, not quite sure who it's keeping out!


Thursday, 15 May 2008


One of those nights, dog tired and can't sleep!

So here I am at almost three in the morning, eating toast and drinking tea (helped by my ever faithful-read hungry-friend) processing raw files trying to find something that appeals to me.

I woke rather early one day last week, saw the sun was just coming up and knew I had to get out and try and capture it, did I?


Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Penny Black

Why is it that kids are so pushy?

I've a deal running with my youngest that if his school report is good this year, building on what has to said was excellent progress he had made at the last consultation, I agreed to meet him halfway on the cost of a new games console. We agreed the deal and shook hands, now I'm being questioned on the finer points of the deal and just how "good" does this report have to be? How about if science isn't quite so good? I think I may have to have a contract drawn up! ;O)

Shot this a few days ago along one of the lanes around here. Just how many coats of paint are on there is anyone's guess, if you tried to clean them off I reckon it'd fall apart but imagine the stories it could tell, the letters that have been posted through here since Victorian times!


Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Lean & Keen

Why is it that every time I have a holiday approaching work gets busier and busier? I'm sure someone somewhere is conspiring against me. Ho hum, never mind!

Had a great day on Sunday, was invited along to meet up with my old pal Craig from id7 and a couple of photographer friends of his. It was fantastic to look at all their work and talk about imaging in general, a real fun and relaxing way to spend a sunny Sunday alongside the Thames.

Today's image was shot on Friday and one that I took along with me. Once I get my head around it I think it may be a prime subject for a HDR image. As it stands this was desaturated a little, some curves adjustments and a little dodging the highlights on the stone.
Let me know what you think, remember there's no need to log in anymore, just leave your comments and I'll add them as soon as I get a chance.


Thursday, 8 May 2008

Hill Climb

Well that was a day and a half!

A phone call this afternoon to say my wife was being taken to hospital with anaphylactic shock after eating something probably containing nuts, which turned out not to have the ingredients stated on the packet (this is in a school!!).

Then the hospital staff didn't have a clue where she was and sent me wandering off round A&E to find her myself, I kid you not, the mind boggles it really does. We're now keeping a watchful eye just in case it flares up again. Fingers crossed it doesn't.

Today's image is from a few days back. It's nothing special in photography terms but it's a nice palette of colours, it reminds me that I live in a beautiful place and I'm lucky to do so. Also it reminds me I live on a great big hill and I've got to climb it again to get home!


Monday, 5 May 2008

Hot Dogs On A Tin Roof?

What a gorgeous bank holiday Monday, weather men were wrong but what's new there? I love it, sunshine always makes me smile.

I just had to post this. Walking up the lanes this morning I can hear dogs barking at Tez & I, nothing unusual there but when I looked to see where it was coming from this is what I saw! I can only assume the ground is higher at the back or they can climb ladders. They're beautiful anyway.

I've a soft spot for Greyhounds (though not sure these two are pure). I get fed up with Annette Crosbie banging on about how cruel Greyhound owners are. For sure some have an awful life but not every owner is the same, most are not in my experience. I lost my greyhound Bess last year, I raced her together with my brother and when she retired she came to live with me. She was well loved and cared for all her life to the grand old age of 13.

My brother breeds and races Greyhounds, each dog is well cared for and homed if possible when no longer racing. If not they stay with him no question.

Sorry on my soap box today, just fed up being tarred with the same brush!


Cheeky Chappie

Cor bank holiday weekend, despite still working Saturday it's nice to have two straight days off at least. Time for gardening etc etc but some nice walks with my little fat friend too (Tez) and a chance to take the camera out and "see".

Having said that I took this shot at work, nothing remarkable, just a snap really but he's one of the regular visitors to my office window sill and I managed to catch him there. I pushed up the saturation a little because I read somewhere that birds see colours brighter and more vibrant than we perceive them. Now if I could just catch the Jay up there........