Saturday, 24 May 2008

Retro Fever

Had a fantastic evening on Thursday, went to see Paul Weller at the Hammersmith Apollo. The man was on top form with a great mix of old and new material. He just keeps getting better and his music keep progressing.

I had a grin so big it made my face ache! Went with my eldest son too, not too often you get to share that sort of thing with your kids but as it happens I've taught him well and his musical taste is impeccable ;O) My voice was a little croaky Friday morning too!

So retro fever is everywhere, 60's, 70's, 80's people are going mad for it. Those that know me and my penchant for the past and my many related obsessions will not be surprised by this image. For those that are around my age I'd just like to confirm that this IS an Araya 7x and a Comp III, those of you that haven't got a clue-well you had to be there I guess?

I thought I'd post this today to hopefully give my old mate Craig over at id7 a smile, hope things work out OK on all fronts after reading your blog and speaking last night pal.



ID7 said...

Cheers Craig, thanks for the link, and I was there, and that shot sums up 5 yrs of my life, when everything revolved around clean whitewalls, and skate park frenzy, and riding backwards, and jumping everything and anything I could point my bike at..... its a great shot, love it.

sherri said...

Very cool shot. I like that the wheel is spinning.