Monday, 5 May 2008

Hot Dogs On A Tin Roof?

What a gorgeous bank holiday Monday, weather men were wrong but what's new there? I love it, sunshine always makes me smile.

I just had to post this. Walking up the lanes this morning I can hear dogs barking at Tez & I, nothing unusual there but when I looked to see where it was coming from this is what I saw! I can only assume the ground is higher at the back or they can climb ladders. They're beautiful anyway.

I've a soft spot for Greyhounds (though not sure these two are pure). I get fed up with Annette Crosbie banging on about how cruel Greyhound owners are. For sure some have an awful life but not every owner is the same, most are not in my experience. I lost my greyhound Bess last year, I raced her together with my brother and when she retired she came to live with me. She was well loved and cared for all her life to the grand old age of 13.

My brother breeds and races Greyhounds, each dog is well cared for and homed if possible when no longer racing. If not they stay with him no question.

Sorry on my soap box today, just fed up being tarred with the same brush!



csj said...

Nice on emate, their ears are something special!!!