Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Out With the Old & In With The New

Well I deliberated long and hard over my "best of 2008" for the Photo Friday challenge and in the end I choose this. I realise that this shot is not for everyone and it's not something you would hang on your wall but it says a lot, it's a great moment captured (hark at me bigging myself up).

Photography has gradually taken a hold on me over the last year after being on the back burner for a very long time and it's been great, long may it continue too. I enjoy all sorts of subjects too but I've found that street stuff gives me the most satisfaction, when you see that moment happening and you manage to capture it, it is the most rewarding as far as I'm concerned, the shots that make me go "Yes!!" I got it! So it's for that reason I chose that shot, there are many others I like, some I really love but it was this one that gave the most back to me. I hope that all makes sense because I've had a couple already ;O)

So if you think it has merit you can vote for it from Friday January the 2nd and you'll find it under Random Rambling shot 370.

Today's I thought appropriate for the "Out with the old" thing for new year.

So it just remains for me to say to you all, my family, friends old and new, my regular readers (thanks to all of you too, your comments keep me going) Happy New Year, may it be good to all of you.

CM2008 (for the last time eh?)

Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Not a lot to say today apart from isn't it flipping cold?

I did venture out for a walk this afternoon despite the frost that has hung around all day. I have to wonder why benches seem to beg to be photographed. You see many images of them and I must admit every time I see one I feel compelled to take a shot.

I went out with the 17-85 attached but changed to the 50mm as I couldn't get enough shutter speed in the failing light but I really should have moved a couple of stops from f1.8. Still I liked the small point of focus on the frost, just a bit more depth might have been better.

On another note I'm deliberating over the latest Photo Friday challenge "Best Shot Of 2008" I'm my own biggest critic and trying to pick one shot is hard! Any thoughts let me know!

Bet you're glad I didn't have a lot to say eh? I'm off to light a log fire!!


Monday, 29 December 2008

Frustration All Round

I'm feeling a little frustrated, I need to get out and look at something different to inspire me I think. Mind you the freezing weather is not encouraging me to do so!

Frustration of a different kind is this shot. I shot this (along with a few more) from the hip. I find this kind of thing rewarding and frustrating. For me this could have been a great shot but the moment is gone in a split second. No time for adjusting aperture, metering, focus points etc. Probably only one or two in ten is actually ok. So I posted this more because it isn't quite right than I thought it was spot on. I hope that makes sense?

Oh and the guy sitting down sure clocked me, nothing unusual really but he doesn't half look like Michael Shumacher-I wonder........;O)


Sunday, 28 December 2008

Out Of Order

I've been messing around with a PC for some of today, I won't bore you with the details but how can a usb port work under DOS then disappear under Windows?

Presumably some sort of driver problem so you go to the manufacturers web site to find them. What model do you have? Don't know, well enter the serial number or part number on the case, you do that, numbers not recognised!! Packard Bell is the company in question and the support is dire in the extreme. It went on and on with seemingly random answers as you go through the process. Not looking for an answer here folks, just venting my frustration! Thankfully it's not my PC but it's another vote for MAC.

I went for a short walk yesterday, short because Tez decided it was actually a bit cold for walkies. I kept the 50mm on just for fun although I don't really intend to use it as a walk around lens but the very short DOF at f1.8 is good to play around with. Anyway I fear I may be waffling, I saw this, do you think the bench may be shut down for maintenance? Struck me as amusing in any case.


Saturday, 27 December 2008

Gift Montage

Just messing around with the new 50mm and some of my gifts really.

The box set of Weller Live at the BBC is exceptionally cool, especially as it's the four disc set, if you're a fan and can still find it I recommend it! The new range of Lambretta "Who" branded stuff is pretty cool too even for an old duffer like me :O)

The layer is Weller Live on the 22 Dreams tour earlier this year at Hammersmith Apollo and I have to give credit to my son SCM for that shot with his Sony Ericsson K850 cybershot, which for a cameraphone is pretty good, especially in macro mode!

As always let me know what you think, the top left corner is bothering me!


Friday, 26 December 2008

Almost Over

Over already, gone in a flash and boxing day is upon us!

Travelling back from my nephew's house last night (thanks to you guys for your hospitality ;) and I played around with the camera on the journey home, I hasten to add I wasn't driving!

Now the shots I got could just be classed as bad photography but the results are rather pleasing and this one I liked in particular and you can make out the date and time so if you look closely you'll see that Christmas day was indeed almost over!

Before I get any shouts of photoshopping too far I made only very minor adjustments to this ;O) twas just a bumpy road (aren't they all).


Thursday, 25 December 2008

The Waiting's Over

Merry Christmas to you all!

The 40D has had a great day and is sitting in front of me wearing it's new battery grip and a "Nifty Fifty" as my friend over at id7 calls it. It's not the fastest focusing lens in the world but I wanted it for the f1.8. I think it might take a while to get used to a prime lens again! Anyway I'm rambling, I just thought I'd try it out on Rudolf here. It is a terrible photograph but what the hey!

Enjoy yourselves ;O)


Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Stocking Filler

It's all done, the shops are closed so if I haven't got it so be it!

We've had a nice meal, cooked by my good self, a few glasses of something or other so I'd better push off before the spelling gets really bad.

I'd just like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, have a happy and safe time with you and yours.


Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Ding Dong Merrily

Finally finished work, not quite as early as I'd anticipated, in fact I worked over just to get a job finished but it's done-shipped and I feel better for it, a sense of completion!

I can finally relax and enjoy myself :O)

Trying to keep up the festive images here but I'm really not convinced this works, it's not quite how I envisaged it to be. Still there's always tomorrow.


Monday, 22 December 2008

Tenuous Link?

More Christmas preparations leave me little time this evening. Still only one more day of work which is something to look forward to!

I've had this image for some time and despite calls from the family to post it I've resisted. Why? Well it seemed a little cliché, the Coca Cola tin and the selective colouring. That's not to say that personally I didn't like it though and with nothing festive to post today I thought just maybe......

We have to remember that the familiar image of Santa in his red suit with white trimmings was in fact a creation of the Coca Cola company! So there you have it a very tenuous link to Christmas. I'll try harder tomorrow, maybe ;O)


Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Past

Christmas shopping is almost done. I've deliberately left a couple of things so I have an excuse to go out Christmas eve shopping just because I like it, might even take the camera with me as I have something in mind....

Thanks to those of you that came up with suggestions for yesterday's image, keep them coming and I'll make a choice in a few days!

Another similar shot today, can't say I'm as struck on this one but I like the reflections.


Saturday, 20 December 2008

Title Competition

Ok, so I promised you something seasonal for today and here it is, such as it is.

I thought I'd have a little fun competition with this one as I couldn't think of a title. If you can think of one leave it in the comments section or leave a comment/send a message on facebook etc, however you want to contact me.

The winner will get a free 8" x 10" print of any image they like from the blog (excluding personal stuff like my kids etc). I'll post anywhere so if you're far away no matter!

So I'm waiting, get thinking :O)


Friday, 19 December 2008

Shrinking Island

Well nice to see opposing views to yesterday's post, I didn't get as much abuse as I thought I might, just enough! ;O)

I've been out this evening so didn't have time to prepare anything else. Just an example of the coastal erosion, massive parts of the cliffs falling all of the time. It's really quite strange in places because you can see buildings cut in half or completely fallen to the beach. In Cromer itself the original village is actually under the sea, makes you think what inroads the sea has made in a relatively short time.

I shall endeavor to post something seasonal tomorrow, promise!


Thursday, 18 December 2008

Time Warp

I jumped out of bed when the alarm went at 6.30 this morning. I woke my son for school, went in for a wash and after I was dressed, picked up my things and looked at my phone 5.10am!! ARGH the clock had changed it's own time again, now I've had the clock a long time, maybe 20 years or more but said clock is now in the bin!

Now continuing the time theme. I used to be convinced that women take a long time to go to the loo (bear with me here), always seem to be waiting ages for them. Women protest they're not so I've come to my own conclusion: It's not women taking their time but the loos themselves are in some sort of alternate reality where time moves slowly, a time warp if you will, so those inside don't notice how long they've been gone. What does this have to do with images? Whilst we were waiting (ages) I shot this!

Whilst I await the barrage of abuse I would like to point out that my tongue is firmly in my cheek ;O)


Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Peter Parker?

A real quick post today as I'm in a terrible rush!

Another portrait from Duxford on Remembrance Sunday. With out knowing it I shot this guy twice at different times so I must have thought he had something about him. My wife however reckons he looks like Stan Lee from the Spiderman comics fame. You decide?


Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Twinkle Twinkle

This time next week I shall have finished work, not that I'm counting or anything ;O)

I said I didn't have anything that looked remotely like Christmas, I lied but not intentionally!

Walking back through this tunnel a few weeks back and we came across an exit for the V&A museum and as you looked up the stairway all you could see were these lights shining like stars. I have to admit this is a blatant crop and I had a longer shot that looked better if they had not been building a temporary ice rink in the foreground but I guess that's why the lights were there!


Monday, 15 December 2008

Ye Olde Palace

I'm still a week and a day away from holidays but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Price lists are all done after some hard work at the weekend and they're on the way, my one big headache at this time of year! Lots more work to do mind but I'm glad that weight is off of my shoulders :O)

I woke up very early this morning, couldn't sleep. I often feel I was made for night work even though it's been twenty two years since I actually done any but I often seem to get more done late at night or early mornings. Which is where this image comes in, what else would you do in the wee small hours if not process raw files? Once again I processed three versions of this, this one (obviously) a less saturated version and a B&W, after much deliberation this version won. It's the old palace at Hatfield House and unless you're off there for a banquet this is about as close as you can get which I have to say is rather disappointing.


Sunday, 14 December 2008

As The Crow Flies

Another weekend has come and gone, just one more before Christmas eh, time to panic!! Personally I'll be content with just having a break from work.

I guess I should be posting winter/Christmas images but to be honest I haven't really got any. There was a fantastic frost the other morning combined with a spectacular sunrise. I could see it all unfolding before my eyes as I drove on my way to work, wishing I could park up somewhere and just go walking instead. Perhaps over the holidays I'll have a chance to get out and capture some (mental note to self, bring tripod back from work).

Until then you'll have to put up with another summer image, proof that we did have some sun-for a couple of days at least.


Saturday, 13 December 2008

No Names No Pack Drill

Well I've actually started the Christmas shopping, you've done yours? Already?

I'm a real last minute kind of shopper, I like dashing around Christmas eve getting last minute bits n bobs. Mind you because of some bad advice from a shop assistant I do have to return an item and exchange it, I knew from the tone of her voice she didn't really know the answer. Sorry being cryptic but the recipient of said prezzie will be reading this, can't give the game away!!

No Names No Pack Drill? Because I just couldn't come up with a title for this one, if you have one please feel free to leave it in the comments section, there's a prize for the winner-just don't know what it is yet! I worked for some time on this one and I've posted the full colour version but I tried a slightly desaturated version too and I rather liked it, torn as usual!


Friday, 12 December 2008

Wave Back

I feel a little bad, I was moaning yesterday about being cold and I was/am but there are people out there that can't afford to heat their homes this winter. The elderly for a start, which is a disgusting state of affairs that I won't get into here.

There are people without homes at all and are sleeping out in this freezing weather, some won't make it through this winter I'm sure, although I can hope I'm wrong. So I should be grateful that I have a roof over my head, heating, hot water etc, sometimes we don't stop and think do we?

The image today was taken back in the summer and to be fair I've already posted a similar shot but I hope this one is different enough to stand up on its own?


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Alive Alive 'O'

Cold, flipping, sodding, bloody cold, can't seem to warm up at work or home!

On the good news front my son had his cast taken off today, still on crutches mind, no sports for a good few weeks yet and maybe six months before it's back to full strength but still he's on the up :O)

I decided not to bore you with the B&W version of yesterday's post I have some barnacles for you instead . Not really much more I can say about them really but I found them quite fascinating.


Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Another image that I've been looking at for a while and only just done something about it.

It's another one of those that I had a hard job deciding between B&W and colour, at the risk of repeating myself I might post the B&W tomorrow and let you decide which is best.

Anyway let me know what you think of this as it stands, comments are always welcome and appreciated. Constructive critique is also welcome, it's all part of the learning curve!

Thanks to those that left opinions regarding Macs, I'm definitely leaning that way but knowing me I'll ponder for a while yet-I could buy a new lens instead......ummmmmmmmmmmmmm!


What's that dear? New flooring? Don't really see as that will help to be honest but thanks for your input ;O)


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Loitering With Intent

Well I have to say I made a real pig of myself last night, all you can eat isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I got some great gifts for my birthday too but do you know what I was most pleased about? They were bought locally and from independent shops too.

I know I bang on about this sort of stuff but if you can't buy locally made products the next best thing to me is to buy locally and support local businesses especially those that are independent shops. I can shop online just as well as anyone else but if I can buy it in the high street I will, what will happen if we all shop online? People complain that town center shops are closing down and we're being overrun with coffee shops, cafes etc but if we don't shop there how can these businesses survive? It's difficult for some stuff I know, camera gear for a start, not likely to find much gear made in the UK but I do have a local camera shop, he'll match most prices where he can and you get personal service. Can't beat it I say!

Well that's my two pennies worth, I'd better shut up now ;O)

Oh yes, image, shot this a few weeks back, pigeons just hanging out, but I'm sure they have an agenda, a plan...........?


Monday, 8 December 2008

Christmas May Now Commence

It's my Birthday today and despite all the jibes from my friends it's not the big 40 just yet you cheeky blighters!

We have a tradition in our house that Christmas preparations don't start until I've had my birthday, so you can all feel free to start now.

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages, cards and gifts, it means a lot.

I shot this whilst walking along Regent Street, just a little empty arcade off to the side and it really looked Christmassy (I'm pretty sure that's not a word). I say empty until I pulled the camera out of the bag and then everyone decided to go down there, never mind.

Right I'm off out for dinner, all you can eat Chinese buffet, should be interesting with a kid on crutches!


Sunday, 7 December 2008


It's been one of those, washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning days around here. I can't wait to get back to work for a rest! ;O)

It was a crisp frosty morning this morning and knowing no limits to bring you an image every day I went almost as far as the garden shed in the bitter cold to shoot this so I hope you appreciate it!

On another note I'm seriously considering dumping the PC for a Mac, not something I thought I'd ever say. If any of you have any insight into Macs please let me know. Is the transition an easy one? Will it slow down over time like a PC will? etc etc...........

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Wrong Destination

I don't think I've anything to complain about today, which will come as a relief to you all I reckon. Work went smoothly, lunch was good, shopping was kid on crutches free (bless him but it does take a while).

shot in the underground, why is it that you always seem to miss your train by seconds and with a choice of two destinations (50/50 as I see it) the next three trains are not going your way?

Did I just complain? Surely not!


Friday, 5 December 2008

Optical Illusion

Another week almost over then, I have to agree with some words of a friend the other day, the older we get the faster the weeks/months/years seem to rush by.

I shot this at Duxford on Remembrance Sunday, one of the side drums of the Royal Anglian Regiment band.

The optical illusion? From a distance I was fooled by the rope tension look, couldn't figure out why 1, they would be using them & 2, why they sounded so sharp if they were. Upon closer inspection they were just hooked over ;O)


Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Little Reminder

Whilst mooching around London on Sunday and making our way along Regent Street we found ourselves at Carnaby Street.

I wasn't purposefully looking for it, not sure I really wanted to see it, preferring to remember it how it was, with all it's Mod orientated shops and the old flea markets selling army surplus parkas etc. Striding up and down with my mates deciding how best to spend the money burning holes in our pockets, new suit, new shoes, button down shirt?

However we were there so in we went. So commercial these days. Big shiny shops from all the major fashion brands, even the Merc shop has gone up market (still cool though) but we turned a corner into Ganton Street and there was Sherrys, Mod as you like, a real blast from the past. Inside were still all the old posters, badges, autographs, photos of scooters etc, the prices however were a little different, better save your pocket money kids!

Carnaby Street? Not what it used to be, as one of the Jam's worst recordings once said (Foxton wrote that one right?).


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

End Of The Line

After whinging about low light on Sunday I saw some shots from the new Canon 5D MkII yesterday taken at ISO3200 and they looked absolutely flawless.

Don't get me wrong I love the 40D, it's more than good enough for my skill level and it's where my budget is right now but if I had the funds I'd be in that line to buy one tomorrow-drooling whilst I waited!

This is as far north as you can go on the London Underground (which is actually overground as you can see). I've held onto this for quite some time, trying to decide whether I liked it in B&W or colour. As you can see I went for the B&W, I mean colour, still not sure..............;O)


Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Broken Defences

Just got back from my final exam of my evening class. It really is a stretched out course taking over two and a half years for what could really be accomplished in ten weeks or so! Still never mind, it's done now and I'm sure they have their reasons for spreading it out so far.

Another image demonstrating the power of the sea this evening and our constant battle to keep it from eroding our coastline away, this part has given in and judging by the cliff falls around this area they'd better fix it soon!


Monday, 1 December 2008

Shiny Fellow

I took a day off today, very unusual for me, felt like I was skipping school!

Walking along the south bank of the Thames yesterday and there were various people dressed up, some so convincing I didn't realise they were real at first. Anyway this was one, not really sure who, if anybody, he was supposed to be but he looked great.