Sunday, 21 December 2008

Christmas Past

Christmas shopping is almost done. I've deliberately left a couple of things so I have an excuse to go out Christmas eve shopping just because I like it, might even take the camera with me as I have something in mind....

Thanks to those of you that came up with suggestions for yesterday's image, keep them coming and I'll make a choice in a few days!

Another similar shot today, can't say I'm as struck on this one but I like the reflections.



JJ said...

Wonderful shot into the tree the reflections are cool
I have just realised I have taken shots of trees all over the city nd not one shot of our tree
I guess its so easy to miss whats right under your nose

Elaine- said...

every year i try to take a shot like that, with the Christmas lights on, it never works out lol nice shot, well done you!!