Thursday, 11 December 2008

Alive Alive 'O'

Cold, flipping, sodding, bloody cold, can't seem to warm up at work or home!

On the good news front my son had his cast taken off today, still on crutches mind, no sports for a good few weeks yet and maybe six months before it's back to full strength but still he's on the up :O)

I decided not to bore you with the B&W version of yesterday's post I have some barnacles for you instead . Not really much more I can say about them really but I found them quite fascinating.



Elaine- said...

nice barnacles you got there! could make a texture out of it...

JJ said...

Such interesting textures in the barnacles, glad your on has the cast off he must be so wrapped with that

CraigM said...

Thanks again folks, Elaine, yup it might make a good texture, think I'll have a crack at that!

JJ, thanks, yup he's pleased to have the thing off of his leg but he's still struggling to put any weight through it, it'll get better in time though.