Monday, 22 February 2010

Leaving a Light On

I finally took the plunge of moving the blog and this is my last post here on blogger.

Honestly I feel a little sad about it, this is where it all started, it was a whole new photographic journey (with some moaning ramblings too) but I feel the time is right to move on. Whilst I've been complimented on my blogger template it is rather limited despite being able to customize the CSS.

I won't be pulling this version, who knows maybe I'll wish to return at some point. I won't however be dual posting, or even triple posting with the AM3 version. The main reasons for moving were to have a blog that I could make more my own and to simplify the process.

So all that leaves me to say is a HUGE thank you to all those that have followed me, left comments and encouraged me to improve/continue especially at the times I really didn't feel like doing so, you have no idea how much that all means. I sincerely hope that you follow me over and continue to look. You can find my new home right here!

So for that last time, let me know your thoughts as always.


Thursday, 4 February 2010

Raw Revisited

The last few days, in what spare time I've had, I have been making a huge effort to reduce the amount of unprocessed RAW files residing on my hard drive.

Some have been deleted, some are family stuff, some are images I wish to keep but wouldn't necessarily blog and some have surprised me in that I really quite liked them having overlooked them many times. The batch I've been working on are from summer 2008 which shows you how far I am behind!

Let me know your thoughts as always.

On another note I am considering moving the blog to a new location. If I can export all of my work from the blogger version then I'll do it but at the moment it's a big IF I think. I'm not willing to move and start afresh or manually migrate over 350 posts! I'll keep you posted.