Sunday, 30 November 2008


Went into London today and just generally mooched around.

We went down to the South Bank to see the Christmas Markets and underneath the centre was this open space covered in Graffiti, by design it would seem too, there was some cool art down there.

There was a guy skateboarding, some kids with BMX's as there are some purpose made ramps down there too. Then there was these guys who I think were doing their own shoot for their band but when they saw me pointing the camera posed anyway.

In terms of photography it wasn't a great day, the light was really poor, still I came away with a few usable frames.


Saturday, 29 November 2008

Lost in one's Thoughts

This is one of those portraits from Remembrance Sunday. This I think really captured the feeling of the day for me.

I have no idea what his thoughts really were of course............


Friday, 28 November 2008

Seaside Special

Phew what a day, I have to agree with an old friend, some days no matter how hard you try, you just can't get it all done. I'd promised myself a weekend off but to no avail! Hey ho, I am taking Monday off though so all is not lost!

Continuing yesterday's theme a little but shot from the top of the cliffs. I really liked this shot but this is the fourth attempt at getting a result I liked, it's close but I still don't "love" it! The lamp post is completely annoying but to clone it out is a step too far for me.

Spookily a friend emailed me an almost identical shot to yesterday's, got one of these too Neil? I think he's stalking me!! ;O)


Thursday, 27 November 2008

Whatever the Weather

It never ceases to amaze me, no matter what the weather throws at us, why do we British still have a compulsion to get on the beach?

I include myself in this, although I do draw the line at getting in the water because even at the height (if there is one) of summer that North sea is flipping taters (as me old Nan used to say bless her). I distinctly remember visiting my great uncle in Felixstowe, Easter time, when I was four or five and insisting we walk along beach. It was snowing, hard, we still went!!

Enough of that waffle then! Don't forget to visit my good friend Craig over at id7, he's raising money for a very worthy cause so pop over and give him some support, he's promised a mugshot at the end of the month-can't wait ;O)


Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Grand Mo, No Technophobe!

Having had a second look at the portraits I'd try to capture on Remembrance Sunday there are three, maybe four, that I might post.

This is one of those. It was the moustache, cap etc that that I saw. It was only afterwards that I noticed he was texting as he walked, it just didn't seem to fit somehow but I guess that's me putting him into a stereo typical group!


Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Did You Just?

Just a quick post today as I'm off out in a mo and after yesterday's rant perhaps it's for the best ;O)

This was one of those images that was rescued by PS rather than enhanced but I like the surprised expression and it was worth the effort IMO.

So the question "Did you that shutter?" yeah I kinda did ;O)


Monday, 24 November 2008

Do You?

So we discovered this morning that my son (with the broken ankle you'll remember) cannot travel on the bus to school.

Why? Because he can't manage? No. Because his friends refused to help him? No.

In fact because insurance won't cover him. On top of this the school wished to know if we were going to take things further IE were we going to sue them. For doing an after school activity, something he enjoys, frankly knew was a rough game (that's part of it's appeal) and he had an accident (think about that word accident, it's called that for a reason).

What is this PC, human rights, namby pamby world coming to? The fact was that there are other parents complaining about much lesser injuries. Don't these parents realise that if they pursue this, eventually all these activities and sports will stop for fear someone might cut a knee, strain a muscle etc etc? They complain that kids these days don't get enough exercise, so I've got a great idea, lets stop them doing anything that might have even a remote risk of injury and keep them all indoors (where all the walls are padded obviously). Sheeeeesh, sorry folks, it makes my blood boil it really does! Don't get me wrong, people do have rights and we should take reasonable steps to ensure ours and our childrens safety etc but when a school is worried you might sue them because your child got hurt playing a game.......

Oh there's an image today too, this knackered old bus with it's slogan reminded me of cheesy 70's holidays, which of course I loved at the time!


Sunday, 23 November 2008

Endless Decay

Woke up to a dusting of snow this morning, now I don't mind a bit of snow but with a son on crutches it's really not what's needed right now!

So I still haven't posted the image I had for yesterday, maybe tomorrow. Another of the water tower today. I had a vision in my mind of how I wanted these to look but when I got there the scene was different. There was far more foliage around than in my minds eye and the brooding sky that I'd photographed above the local church not ten minutes before had gone too. Such is life! So there I was almost laying on the ground on a narrow path to get this shot through the railings instead, whilst getting strange glances from motorists speeding by ;O)


Saturday, 22 November 2008

Which Window Today?

As they used to say on Play School! You don't remember Play School? Hmm perhaps I am old after all.

I got into work early today, had lots to do and for a change got it all done, a better day than yesterday for sure. Bacon rolls for lunch, a walk with the mighty Tez this afternoon. I took my camera but photography and Tez are a bad combo so I went out again afterwards on my own.

I had today's image all sorted yesterday, that was until I went out this afternoon. I'd been wanting to photograph this building for ages and being as it's only about 400 yards from my house you'd think I could have got up there sooner! I digress, this is an old water tower, or part of it. The story goes, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, that the building is listed (good thing) but can only be used as a water tower (bad thing IMHO) because it's not needed for water, it could be turned into something useful and still retain it's character instead it stands empty, decaying with it's door boarded up and it's beautiful coloured windows smashed. What a waste!


Friday, 21 November 2008


I've had one of those Murphy's Law kind of days, know what I mean? I won't moan about it because I don't like to moan, lol!

I'm learning much from the tutorials over at Chromasia in terms of technique, whether that equates to better images from me, well the jury's still out on that one but I shall keep on trying.

I've posted a similar shot to this before but they are two years apart in reality, different camera and a little more knowledge too so I thought it worthwhile.


Thursday, 20 November 2008


Well he's plastered, my son that is.

Went back to the fracture clinic this morning, had another x-ray and slapped a fresh full plaster on. Let's hope it's off for Christmas! He of course is still worrying how long it will be before he can get back on the pitch.

These are some old bus lamps, do you spot my deliberate mistake? Answers in a comment please.


Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Fabulous Hooker

Well he was until I got a phone call this afternoon and had to dash out of work.

Yup, we've just spent over four hours in accident and emergency because my son broke his ankle at rugby practice this afternoon. It's doubled in size and he's in plaster up to his knee, so what do you think he's most worried about? He can't play the match on Saturday that's what, good lad ;O)

I don't think a post on my blog would be complete these days without a moan from me so...........................whilst I'd walk to the ends of the earth and back for either one of my boys and I'd spend my last penny on them it has to be said that hospital parking charges are daylight robbery! There, feel better now.


Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Plastic Fantastic

There's a very welcome return to posting by my old friend Craig over on id7 so if you haven't been over before or for some time pop over now and check his images out! He's also raising money for a very worthy cause, you can read all about it when you get there..............

This is another shot from the Science museum, a huge gallery devoted to plastics and surrounded by these red plastic slats. They're rather like an over sized version of those plastic efforts your Mum used to hang in the doorway to keeps flies out-which come to think of it really didn't work and just looked naff!

I took quite a few of these but this is the only one that really worked for me.


Monday, 17 November 2008

Homeward Bound

There's a subway that runs from South Kensington all the way through to the Science Museum with exits along the way for the other museums, it's cool in a grubby sort of a way!

So in support of things shot at f.4 when they really shouldn't have been here's one of my own ;O) I still like it!


Sunday, 16 November 2008

Shy & Retiring

I've sat for most of the day processing RAW files of products for work, I can hardly see straight and I've seen just about enough of Photoshop today.

So in true tradition, here's one I made earlier! This chap raised this DVD up just as I was about to press the shutter, I don't think he'd seen me, just happened that way and in the end I liked the result.


Saturday, 15 November 2008

Lonely Pony

I spotted this Mustang out in the pen just as I was leaving last Sunday. I don't know why she's out here and to be honest we were so cold at the end of the day I didn't want to try and find out. I hope they bring her in for the winter though.

I'm a Spitfire fan through and through, the sound has made the hairs on my neck stand up since I was a very small boy but I still have a soft spot for the Mustang. Designed, built, put into production and service all in the war years was some feat. It still has a Rolls Royce Merlin at the heart of it too ;O)

Using a split RAW conversion and the selective colour tool etc. Not sure if I've pushed it too far for some but I kinda like it!


Friday, 14 November 2008

Mini Trees


I had a chat with my boss earlier today about this whole financial situation the country/world is in right now. It really is crap, through no fault of our own, especially those of us that have strived to continue manufacturing in the UK, keep people employed and resist the temptation to import cheap products. I could carry on but you'd be bored and I'll get bitter and twisted!

I shot this whilst walking along the beach with my eldest son. He remarked that all these little plants looked rather like small trees, we then went off on silly conversation about a whole community of tiny people living here, daft but it's these things that happy memories are made of, things you'll remember for all time.

I like this frame but I could not get it to look right after many attempts, this has come close and whilst the almost teal sky might not be to everyone's taste I like it, reminds me of how 70's colour photos looked and being a nostalgia junkie it brings back happy memories for me.


Thursday, 13 November 2008

Cheerful Besides

Whilst out on Sunday I was hoping to capture some portraits that conveyed the mood and feeling of the day and to be honest I failed miserably!

I did however capture this chap looking rather cheerful and in a way perhaps he was right, I don't know his story but whilst remembering we were also there to give thanks for the freedoms we have, perhaps that's why he was smiling? I'll never know I guess.


Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Flying Bicycles

Phew! Just back from the first youth club of the season, I'd forgotten what a noisy bunch they are, still they seemed to enjoy themselves which is what it's all about.

Spotted this at Duxford on Sunday, I've never seen it before and I'm really not quite sure what an "Airshow Bike" is actually for, never seen it in the air!


Monday, 10 November 2008

Eleventh Month, Eleventh Day, Eleventh Hour

I don't think it's important today if this image is good or not although I do like it but I did process it in rather a hurry, the meaning behind it is important however.

90 years since the guns fell silent, a war to end all wars they said, if only that were true.......


Still Remembering

As I'm sure you know I spent the day at Duxford yesterday attending the remembrance service there.

As a bugler it's still a strange time for me not to be part of a remembrance service especially when a drum and bugle band struck up yesterday I wanted to out there playing! Still they were good and could do without my duff notes I'm sure!

I wanted to capture this at the end of the day. The old control tower against the setting sun on this, very much, still active airfield. The tower itself is still in use and for the most part looks as it did in the 1940's which makes it not unique but one of very few.

I've been working through the tutorials over at Chromasia and this image has been toned with the selective colour tool. This was my first time using this method and whilst I'm not sure if I fully understand it yet I feel that if you don't try you will not learn.

So as always I'd be pleased to hear your thoughts and critique, I do realise however that there is some burnout but if I'd waited any longer the light would have been gone and as I said I wanted this shot.


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Lest We Forget


Well I've just got back from an evening with Crap Elvis aka Matt, here's wishing him and Kathryn a safe but fantastic end to their trip, may the suit last the journey!

I've posted this image now because I'll be off early in the morning to Duxford to attend the remembrance service there which is of course what this image is all about. We should not forget!

There's been quite a lot of talk this week about poppies and the wearing of them. I'm not wanting to get into to it really but just to say these couple of things; We only enjoy the freedom we do today because of the sacrifice made by others. Also we are not just remembering those that died in two world wars, many have died since and still are today. The Royal British Legion says this: "Remember the dead but don't forget the living" they do a fantastic job giving support to those that are left behind. Enough said in my book!


Elvis Has Left The Country!

I'm off out tonight with some old friends to bid goodbye to Crap Elvis who is continuing his world tour, if you haven't come across him yet I suggest you check him out!

I shall try to leave my beer goggles at home though as we're off out to Duxford early tomorrow to attend the remembrance service there amongst other things. I won't be taking my camera-yeah right! Oh and it's free entry tomorrow so go along if the mood takes you.

Today's image is from a trip out to St Albans a few weeks back and this is of course part of the abbey of St Alban.

Oh and just a little note, because I had to explain this to my wife after months of posting on this blog, if you click the image you'll get a larger version, didn't think it needed explaing but..........

Friday, 7 November 2008

Hidden Forces At Work

I don't think I've anything to moan about today, which probably comes as a bit of a relief to you all!

Today's image is a small example of just what power the sea has, can you imaging trying to force these stones in between here by hand? Imagine what's going on beneath the waves, the huge amounts of material shifted around, we only see it when it dumps it all on the beach or takes huge amounts way.

I have to say it was blatantly inspired by another image because his work inspires me and I'm not ashamed to say so, we're all inspired by something. I hope it's different enough to stand up on it's own though?


Thursday, 6 November 2008

Holding Fast

Listening to another radio debate today.

First whomever switched to Radio 2 has a lot to answer because my blood pressure has increased I'm sure.

Second, today they were talking about Brussels forcing us to work a maximum 48 hr week despite the fact we opted out of this in 1993. Now I don't agree that anyone should be forced to work more hours than this but to be told we must not? I work overtime like many other people, why? Because I love it? No, to make end meets and by the number of emails/texts/phone calls they had there are many more that just could not manage without it. In the end will we get a chance to decide for ourselves? Not a hope in hell I would have to say.

Oh yes an image. I've been sitting here some time this evening deciding what to post and out of the ten or so images I've posted one that wasn't in the line up at all!
Let me know your thoughts, whether you like it or not, critique is just as good as praise, can't improve without it!


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Old Haunts

There were a lot of sirens going today passing by my workplace and I heard this evening that there was an explosion in a warehouse nearby, with two perhaps killed. I hope that's not correct but time will tell-makes you remember that whilst you might whinge and moan things could be a lot worse.

The image today is an alleyway in my old home town, my mates and I would meet here down this stinking alley every Saturday afternoon, hang out there for a while. I hadn't been down there in twenty years or so, brought back some memories ;O)


Tuesday, 4 November 2008


Faced with the news that turnover is looking grim I feel slightly under pressure today to try and reverse that trend. In reality there's not much I can do to combat it but I feel guilty all the same, that conscience again!

Had a little fun whilst at the science museum and whilst not the best of images I liked the way my son appeared six times in the reflection. I'm glad there's not six of him really-one is quite enough bless him.


Monday, 3 November 2008


I'm enjoying playing around with colours at the moment to see what I can come up with, most of the work taking place during the raw conversion.

I liked this piece of driftwood so much I brought it home with me, it doesn't look so nice now, perhaps I should have let it be?


Sunday, 2 November 2008

RM 1955

We spent the day at the Science Museum today, there's a lot to take in and you'd be there for a week if you wanted to really look at everything. Oh and if you want lunch take a credit card!

Very dark inside too, not great for photography. I didn't take a tripod so it seemed either camera shake or high ISO, still I have one or two I might use.

I'm beat anyway! Today's image I thought had a London feel...........


Saturday, 1 November 2008

Rolling Restoration

Back to buses today!

The amount of time and devotion the owners spend on keeping these on the road is amazing.

Some are totally pristine others are in a state of repair, sort of half done (I like that, you can see the potential) and others seem to be holding on for dear life but still surviving like this one was. Still loved just the same.

Whilst I don't have a love affair with buses I still get it, all that time and painstaking attention to details because I'm like that in most things I do-which is probably why I'm so slow!