Saturday, 22 November 2008

Which Window Today?

As they used to say on Play School! You don't remember Play School? Hmm perhaps I am old after all.

I got into work early today, had lots to do and for a change got it all done, a better day than yesterday for sure. Bacon rolls for lunch, a walk with the mighty Tez this afternoon. I took my camera but photography and Tez are a bad combo so I went out again afterwards on my own.

I had today's image all sorted yesterday, that was until I went out this afternoon. I'd been wanting to photograph this building for ages and being as it's only about 400 yards from my house you'd think I could have got up there sooner! I digress, this is an old water tower, or part of it. The story goes, and someone correct me if I'm wrong, that the building is listed (good thing) but can only be used as a water tower (bad thing IMHO) because it's not needed for water, it could be turned into something useful and still retain it's character instead it stands empty, decaying with it's door boarded up and it's beautiful coloured windows smashed. What a waste!



Elaine- said...

i hate city planners that do that, they did it to my family who lived on a highway and the whole block planned to sell for a great price to a commercial buyer, but nooooo the city said no. 30 years later ours is the only block that isn't commercial.. my mom died in that house, my dad met his wits end in that house and he had to go into a home... they had such big dreams for a dome home out on the outskirts of town.. so sad...

JJ said...

What a waste indeed, looks such an interesting building and a shame its being left to decay, there are so many ways it could be creatively used other than as a water Tower