Monday, 17 November 2008

Homeward Bound

There's a subway that runs from South Kensington all the way through to the Science Museum with exits along the way for the other museums, it's cool in a grubby sort of a way!

So in support of things shot at f.4 when they really shouldn't have been here's one of my own ;O) I still like it!



Elaine- said...

VERY cool shot, i love it!!!

csj said...

Cheeky git!....csj

JJ said...

Super cool capture, love the lighting, it does have a cool kind of grubby feel to it

JaySoto said...

in the words of borat... it'ssaaa niiiiiiccceeaaa

I'm a sucker for symmetry... I really like this shot and what you've done with the tones

CraigM said...

Many thanks for dropping by folks, much appreciated as always!