Friday, 28 November 2008

Seaside Special

Phew what a day, I have to agree with an old friend, some days no matter how hard you try, you just can't get it all done. I'd promised myself a weekend off but to no avail! Hey ho, I am taking Monday off though so all is not lost!

Continuing yesterday's theme a little but shot from the top of the cliffs. I really liked this shot but this is the fourth attempt at getting a result I liked, it's close but I still don't "love" it! The lamp post is completely annoying but to clone it out is a step too far for me.

Spookily a friend emailed me an almost identical shot to yesterday's, got one of these too Neil? I think he's stalking me!! ;O)



csj said...

Actually I quite like the lamp hanging in the holder, and its positioning. But most of all the tonality, and the finish. Its metallic, and pings on my screen, i love it. Good stuff mate, tell me how you did it. CSJ

Elaine- said...

the lamp adds interest i think, would you prefer if i stalk you? coz i have a bit of an opening in my calendar :)

JJ said...

Such a wonderful view, I can understand in a way wishing the poll wasnt there, but I tend to agree with the others I like it there the way you composed it has it in just the right spot to break up the symmetry in the shot and add some zing