Saturday, 8 November 2008

Lest We Forget


Well I've just got back from an evening with Crap Elvis aka Matt, here's wishing him and Kathryn a safe but fantastic end to their trip, may the suit last the journey!

I've posted this image now because I'll be off early in the morning to Duxford to attend the remembrance service there which is of course what this image is all about. We should not forget!

There's been quite a lot of talk this week about poppies and the wearing of them. I'm not wanting to get into to it really but just to say these couple of things; We only enjoy the freedom we do today because of the sacrifice made by others. Also we are not just remembering those that died in two world wars, many have died since and still are today. The Royal British Legion says this: "Remember the dead but don't forget the living" they do a fantastic job giving support to those that are left behind. Enough said in my book!



JJ said...

I agree with you so much on remembrance being so much more than just the two world wars, well said

CraigM said...

Thanks again for stopping by and commenting, it's much appreciated.

sarala said...

Wonderful image and thought.

BABYLONEZOO (France) said...

Une bien jolie photo