Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Grand Mo, No Technophobe!

Having had a second look at the portraits I'd try to capture on Remembrance Sunday there are three, maybe four, that I might post.

This is one of those. It was the moustache, cap etc that that I saw. It was only afterwards that I noticed he was texting as he walked, it just didn't seem to fit somehow but I guess that's me putting him into a stereo typical group!



JJ said...

I think it is a very interesting portrait, the man I would say t me looks very old school with the cp and moustache, so the texting contrasts with that look, which kind of is cool showing technology is getting to everyone these days almost whether we like it or not

Elaine- said...

yeah you expect to see him go get on one of those two wheel bikes, the ones with the gigantic front wheel, but nooo, he doesn't have to be anywhere lol he's texting!! great street shot!!