Sunday, 30 August 2009

Documented Demise

Just one day of holidays left and it's back to work for me.

All the house stuff is on hold waiting for the plasterer to come and do his thing so we have to live with the devastation for now.

This is another, obviously, of the boat at Blakeney, just by chance I discovered that this boat has a Flickr group all to itself! You can watch its slow decline in a stream of many images. I knew it must have been photographed before but had no idea to this extent!

On another issue I'm entering a very small comp on Bank Holiday Monday and the theme is "A Water Scene" it's 1 o'clock in the morning as I write and I'm still undecided but this could well be in there. I only get to enter two prints and it's quite difficult knowing, with such a broad scope, just what the judges will consider fits the bill. If you've any ideas before I enter by 11.30 in the morning let me know!


Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Rescue Me

My lounge looks post apocalyptic and I'm sitting here covered in dust, if I get wet I'll set!

Yup it's decorating time although it looks more like devastation at the moment and I'm waiting for the plasterer to come and tell me the damage, IE how much smooth walls will cost me.

Meanwhile I found a few moments to process another image from Blakeney and it's the same boat as the last post. When I see something like this I don't think of the rotting hulk out there on the marsh (or the rusty car, scooter, falling down building etc) I see something that was once beautiful, lovingly crafted by hand and I have the irresistible urge to fix things-I don't suppose I'm the only one though!

Your thoughts are appreciated as always.


Sunday, 23 August 2009

All Aboard The Skylark

Well I'm back from my hols then but still another week off of work :)

We had a great week, superb weather and far too much food and drink. My shutter went off an insane amount of times, so many I'm not sure I wish to type it for fear it may become more real!

So you'd have thought it would have been easy to find something to post but you'd be wrong. I have deliberated over various shots yesterday evening and most of today. Whenever I shoot and review stuff at home there's always something you wish you had done differently. I guess that in some ways it's a good thing, you keep pushing yourself to improve but it's frustrating all the same, especially when it's not easy to go back for another shoot.

This shot was taken at Blakeney, I spotted this wreck from some distance and knew I had to get over there, after walking quite some distance I realised the ground was far too marshy to cross and I had to double back, ho hum. I wanted to get lower really and did manage it a couple of times (I may post one or two more of this) but the ground was so boggy you have to be careful where you trod let alone lay down.

Let me know your thoughts as always.

Oh and the title, I think you have to have grown up in the 70's in the UK to know......


Friday, 14 August 2009


Right so I'm off on my hols, we'll go to Smugglers Top or Kirren Island and solve a mystery or two-or perhaps I read too much Enid Blyton when I was small ;O)

Lenses cleaned and packed
Batteries charged
Charger packed
CF cards
Hard drive
Card reader
Lap top

I have a few clothes somewhere.......feel as though I've forgotten something..........oh wife n kids, CHECK!! :O) The mighty Tez is staying home with a house sitter but shhhhh we haven't told him yet.

I just couldn't resist another from Flying Legends, I have one one that's totally different that I may post when I return but being as I shall have a whole new bunch of shots who knows?

Catch up to you all soon.


Saturday, 8 August 2009

Big Beautiful Doll

It's been a hectic week so I apologise for the lack of posts. I have only one week of work left until holidays and as usual it's crazy busy trying to get everything done before we close.

Should I apologise for posting another image from Flying Legends? I feel as though I should but I must admit that the process has been a pleasant one and the images have certainly captured imaginations everywhere judging by the responses.

So I'm off to finish off that bottle of white that's calling me, let me know what you think, good, bad & ugly.

Oh and the title is the name of the Mustang, not the big fellow giving me the stare!


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Ship Shape

We've just arrived back from a HAG BBQ. For those of you who don't know what that is it's a combined Hen and Stag do. So I would just like to say thanks to Hilary and Jeff for inviting us, it was great to see you and meet everyone. Good luck for monday, good job the best man has a couple of days to recover!! :)

On another serious note I've just read some terrible news, fellow blogger/twitter/facebook friend Tammy Warren has had a fall from her horse and as I write is being flown to hospital. Those of you that know her either personally or, as I do, through her blogs A Cricket In The Garden or Standing Still please hold her and her family in your thoughts and prayers. My thanks to Marcel for letting us all know and keeping us informed too.

The image is again from Flying Legends but I guees the title has a double meaning today and I hope Tammy is ok and ship shape again very soon.

You can see the original version here by the way.