Sunday, 30 August 2009

Documented Demise

Just one day of holidays left and it's back to work for me.

All the house stuff is on hold waiting for the plasterer to come and do his thing so we have to live with the devastation for now.

This is another, obviously, of the boat at Blakeney, just by chance I discovered that this boat has a Flickr group all to itself! You can watch its slow decline in a stream of many images. I knew it must have been photographed before but had no idea to this extent!

On another issue I'm entering a very small comp on Bank Holiday Monday and the theme is "A Water Scene" it's 1 o'clock in the morning as I write and I'm still undecided but this could well be in there. I only get to enter two prints and it's quite difficult knowing, with such a broad scope, just what the judges will consider fits the bill. If you've any ideas before I enter by 11.30 in the morning let me know!



Elaine- said...

it's a very beautiful image Craig, but ALL your images are beautiful lol i don't envy you having to choose!! maybe try and find an image that has no textures and isn't HDR, coz alot of old time photographers don't play fair in that way, they think stuff like that is a silly fad... anyway, i don't know!!

Tammy-Cricket said...

Hey Craig,

This is an amazing image yet again. Isn't it amazing that this old boat is being followed. What a sequence of pictures that would be. I love it.

Photo Cache said...

You have an amazing blog filled with fabulous photographs.