Friday, 14 August 2009


Right so I'm off on my hols, we'll go to Smugglers Top or Kirren Island and solve a mystery or two-or perhaps I read too much Enid Blyton when I was small ;O)

Lenses cleaned and packed
Batteries charged
Charger packed
CF cards
Hard drive
Card reader
Lap top

I have a few clothes somewhere.......feel as though I've forgotten something..........oh wife n kids, CHECK!! :O) The mighty Tez is staying home with a house sitter but shhhhh we haven't told him yet.

I just couldn't resist another from Flying Legends, I have one one that's totally different that I may post when I return but being as I shall have a whole new bunch of shots who knows?

Catch up to you all soon.



Elaine- said...

wonderful shot, i like how the woman's face and makeup even looks like 'back then'.... and love love the texture... you hurry back to us eh? but have fun!

PixeLuz said...

It's awesome how the woman's face catches our eye. There are many people around, the plane and the sky, but the eye has to go back to this fascinating face. Great work!

Christopher said...

Wow, this is just fantastic. Not sure you could have done much better.