Tuesday, 29 July 2008

What Next?

A quick post today.

This is a group of Prefab bungalows down the hill from me. They're now all empty bar one, which is still impeccable with mowed lawns and lots of hanging baskets.

They're going to pull them down and we're being asked what should go there. Whilst I shall fill out the form I have to wonder if the planners will actually listen? First time for everything I guess.


Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Ghosts of The Future

Living out here and walking through the fields I forget how close my old home town really is.

Not the greatest image but the buildings dominating the skyline may soon be gone. QE2 Hospital, gradually closing; Shredded Wheat all but closed, Roche, all but gone on this site I think(?). The large companies continue to pull out of the town and still they rush to construct new warehousing that no one seems to want or need!

At least part of Shredded Wheat is listed and so it should be it's been there virtually since the start of the Garden City but I wonder what silly use they'll come up with for it? If it's anything like the de Havilland Site where Kentucky Fried Chicken dominates the gatehouse why bother?

Powerless to change all of this I thought I'd have a bit of a rant on here instead! ;O)


Thursday, 17 July 2008

Tangled Web

Haven't been out with the camera much recently, haven't felt much like it and when I did venture out the weather was bad so didn't risk it.

However just browsing through the card and came across this, I probably would have junked it but I was fascinated by the amazing tangled spiders webs. I must admit I didn't even pick them up by eye when I took the shot but the camera certainly picked them up.


Monday, 7 July 2008

Gotta Get Back In Time!

I won't moan about the weather because this is England and we'd better get used to it!

I walked around the corner the other day and this was just sitting there, a real De Lorean, I couldn't believe it. Back To The Future is one of my favourite films and I just had to take a few shots even if they are just snaps, it was too iconic not to.

Oh and it seems my old pal Craig from ID7 is very near to opening his studio in Poole, check it out at http://www.i-printroom.co.uk/ and if you're in the area he'll be open for portraits real soon!


Thursday, 3 July 2008

Dry Eyes

My eye has dried up of late, I keep going out and plugging away at it but the results aren't there, or if they are I can't see them!

I shall keep on keeping on though, just need to get out somewhere-anywhere, a different landscape to look at is needed.

I took a different walk this evening, missed a footpath and my little four legged friend and I ended up tramping through the farm fields that had traps laid in them, is that not illegal now? In any case I had to pick him up, we were both just a little wet and muddy I got some shots that I may use, need to look at them some more.

In any case this is from my canal boat trip some time back. A very similar treatment to the first one but I think I prefer this.

As always let me know your thoughts, good or bad?