Thursday, 3 July 2008

Dry Eyes

My eye has dried up of late, I keep going out and plugging away at it but the results aren't there, or if they are I can't see them!

I shall keep on keeping on though, just need to get out somewhere-anywhere, a different landscape to look at is needed.

I took a different walk this evening, missed a footpath and my little four legged friend and I ended up tramping through the farm fields that had traps laid in them, is that not illegal now? In any case I had to pick him up, we were both just a little wet and muddy I got some shots that I may use, need to look at them some more.

In any case this is from my canal boat trip some time back. A very similar treatment to the first one but I think I prefer this.

As always let me know your thoughts, good or bad?