Sunday, 27 January 2008

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Went to a "crisis" meeting today concerning the Church Lads' & Church Girls' Brigade camp sites "Vectis Youth Camps" on the IOW as the name would suggest.
It's like this, a downturn of bookings means less income but more importantly lack of helping hands to go down and maintain the sites and put up tents etc which means we are spending money to hire people to do these jobs. If any of you members and ex members read my blog WE NEED YOUR HELP, think of what The Brigade gave to you, it certainly gave a lot to me. If you can give a weekend up to go and help please do, either contact Stuart Lewis or contact through me and I'll pass your info on to him. Thanks.
Today's image is from my walk yesterday, it struck me as funny after a conversation with a friend this evening and the Scarecrow's line from The Wizard Of Oz "some people go both ways" Not me old friend! Hence the title.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

You Ain't Seen Me......Right?

Well for a change the sun was shining, the wind was not howling and all in all a quite pleasant day bearing in mind it's still January.
Got to go out walking with the intrepid Tezzer this afternoon and for a change he wished to go further that his usual 400 yards!
Reeled off quite a few shots, some of which are OK, saw a buzzard too, I wish that new camera was here already!
So I nearly walked right past this fellow who could just be seen through a gap in the hedgerow-he never moved a muscle, as if the few twigs were hiding him, I reeled a couple of shots off and let him be, still motionless! I think that may be a toupee he's wearing, a cunning disguise?

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Sunlight on the water, rain upon a leaf

Phew what a week so far, back to evening classes and back to youth club ( helping run it, too old for attending these days) plus the usual day to day work stuff!
On the upside we now have street lighting back in the village which has been off for over a month, a newspaper story in the local rag and all of a sudden fixed, good old WHDC I really feel I'm getting value for my money ;^)
I took this image not long after buying my current camera, I really like close up stuff, goes hand in hand with my obsession for details I think! I kind of liked this but wished the composition was better, after a couple tweaks I'm happier but not completely!
Oh and the title, a blatant lift from Paul Weller's Heavy Soul Pt1, every time I look at this image that line goes through my mind.

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Gloomy Gloom Gloom!

What a miserable weekend in not so sunny Hertfordshire!

I took this in frustration at the weather more than anything and really didn't consider it worth posting. My youngest just walked in and couldn't figure out what he was looking at when I thought it was obvious, so along the lines of if it makes you think it might be worth it?

Answers on a postcard!


Oh and for a good dose of retro pop over to id7 (link at the foot of the page) for a great REAL Fiat 500, fantastic!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Embers of The Day

I like this for several reasons;
It's one of my favourite places,
I like sunsets & managed to capture one I quite like,
I forgot my tripod and managed to hold it still long enough by hand!

Of course it's another from my archives, must make the effort to get out this weekend!


Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Wot you looking at?

After a trip out with the camera and my fearless dog Terry at the weekend, finding that my "fresh" set of batteries were in fact flat, it's back to the archives today!

Not a remarkable shot but what was remarkable was that this hen blackbird landed on the fence next to me and was seemingly not bothered about me at all. Chancing my luck I ventured indoors to get my camera and lo and behold she was still there. So not bothered with me, I stood within about three foot and reeled off no less than 16 shots before she got bored!

Until next time then with some fresh material I hope!


Friday, 11 January 2008

End Of The Road?

Saw this whilst walking and had to wonder how it came to be miles from any road laying in a hedgerow?
Forgive my highway code ignorance also but I don't recall seeing a wonky T junction sign before, must brush up on that! Or am I just looking at it the wrong way :^)
Anyway it's reached the end of its road!

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

In A Rut?

Feeling pretty crappy of late.

This just about sums me up.


Friday, 4 January 2008

All turn up at once!

Just a quick one today.

Whilst visiting Duxford in September during "Showbus" (no I didn't know they had such a following either!)

I shot this because of a personal connection, my family all came from Edmonton and I saw this and had to wonder if any of my relatives travelled upon this bus in days gone by?

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Every Cloud as A Silver Lining?

Back to work today so no chance to get out with the camera so another from the archives.

A Place I love, Cromer "Jewel of the Norfolk Coast".

My Brigade friends from The Claude Hardy Battalion (RIP) will recognise this place instantly, the huge church tower (tallest in East Anglia) of St.Peter & St.Paul Parish Church. Many happy memories of summer camps held here in the parish hall when I was young and I've been a frequent visitor since. I love Norfolk on a whole, it's beautiful countryside and coastline.

So I caught this one August evening on the East beach, I have a longer shot with the pier in it but preferred this one!


Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Got any gum chum?

Didn't have a chance to get out with the camera today and back to work tomorrow so not much chance there either!

Today's image albeit only a few months old is from my archive. Combining photography with one of my other passions of WWII aircraft.

The "Sally B" aka "The Memphis Belle" star of the film of the same name, the only airworthy B-17 in the UK and flying as a tribute to the 79,000 (it's a staggering figure when you think about it) allied airmen that flew out of the UK and lost their lives so that we might enjoy the freedom we do today.

So this is my tribute to them and all they done for us, Thank you boys (for most were just that). Perhaps not the greatest image and maybe a cheap shot, I tried to find the name of the artist so as I could credit him, I know he's done some awesome custom scooters too but I can't find the info anywhere. If I find it I'll update.

Next time you're looking over Google Earth or Live Maps you'll see the reminders that they were here, huge crosses on the ground where the remains of the bases are, scattered all over but especially Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Or next time you visit Bovingdon market spare a thought for those that did not return so that you could walk up and down the runway and buy some new socks etc!


Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Am I a Fungi?

A new year, a new start!

On a quest this year to buy a new camera and have already started ebaying to fund said camera, wish me luck!

Feeling a bit delicate today as are many it seems but the Christmas/New year over eating etc is behind us, time to get back to normal and get some exercise too!

After yesterday's emotional ramblings (I always find new year to be a very mixed bag when it comes to feelings) I don't really have much to say today, I'm the sort of fellow that keeps my feelings very much to myself and shoving them up here is a whole new experience for me.

So today's image was taken on one of my winter walks over Christmas, almost alien like fungi that I've never seen before, enjoy or not as the case may be!