Saturday, 26 January 2008

You Ain't Seen Me......Right?

Well for a change the sun was shining, the wind was not howling and all in all a quite pleasant day bearing in mind it's still January.
Got to go out walking with the intrepid Tezzer this afternoon and for a change he wished to go further that his usual 400 yards!
Reeled off quite a few shots, some of which are OK, saw a buzzard too, I wish that new camera was here already!
So I nearly walked right past this fellow who could just be seen through a gap in the hedgerow-he never moved a muscle, as if the few twigs were hiding him, I reeled a couple of shots off and let him be, still motionless! I think that may be a toupee he's wearing, a cunning disguise?


ID7 said...

Looks like the devil horse in a wig!... watch your step mate....