Sunday, 20 January 2008

Gloomy Gloom Gloom!

What a miserable weekend in not so sunny Hertfordshire!

I took this in frustration at the weather more than anything and really didn't consider it worth posting. My youngest just walked in and couldn't figure out what he was looking at when I thought it was obvious, so along the lines of if it makes you think it might be worth it?

Answers on a postcard!


Oh and for a good dose of retro pop over to id7 (link at the foot of the page) for a great REAL Fiat 500, fantastic!


ID7 said...

I get it, I get the image, I get the frustration, I get the need to get out and SEE, and that if you are anything like me, it eats you up when you cant, or when you wont, or when other bits of life take over and prevent it..... keep it up. I mentioned your site again tonight on ID7 and popped a link on for you.... Keep working at the images mate. Rememeber to record what you SEE, it might be everyday to you, but not to everyone, and look for simple subjects, keep it simple.

Robert said...

I get it too. But, you should keep going. Some solid stuff in your archives, so keep it up. Here from ID7.

My guess is this is on the ground - a reflection included?

CraigM said...

Cheers for the comments guys, It really helps keep up the enthusiasm.

Thanks for popping over Robert and yes you're spot on!