Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Got any gum chum?

Didn't have a chance to get out with the camera today and back to work tomorrow so not much chance there either!

Today's image albeit only a few months old is from my archive. Combining photography with one of my other passions of WWII aircraft.

The "Sally B" aka "The Memphis Belle" star of the film of the same name, the only airworthy B-17 in the UK and flying as a tribute to the 79,000 (it's a staggering figure when you think about it) allied airmen that flew out of the UK and lost their lives so that we might enjoy the freedom we do today.

So this is my tribute to them and all they done for us, Thank you boys (for most were just that). Perhaps not the greatest image and maybe a cheap shot, I tried to find the name of the artist so as I could credit him, I know he's done some awesome custom scooters too but I can't find the info anywhere. If I find it I'll update.

Next time you're looking over Google Earth or Live Maps you'll see the reminders that they were here, huge crosses on the ground where the remains of the bases are, scattered all over but especially Suffolk, Norfolk and Lincolnshire. Or next time you visit Bovingdon market spare a thought for those that did not return so that you could walk up and down the runway and buy some new socks etc!



ID7 said...

Mate, definately food for thought there. its sometimes not what the picture contains, and isnt always about artistic merit, its just that it means something to you. You've made that statement here, and its there forever if you choose for it to be. As it goes, I like the image, but then i was always a legs man ;-).... CJ

CraigM said...

Thanks, it's something that's close to my heart for some reason, no real personal connection just always felt that way.

There's a book by Martin Bowman called Echoes of East Anglia: The Lost Wartime Airfields of Norfolk and Suffolk has some great images of wall art from around these old bases, some of which thankfully has been saved because I think it's important not to forget.

Anyway glad you liked it, I knew you were a legs man! :^)