Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Am I a Fungi?

A new year, a new start!

On a quest this year to buy a new camera and have already started ebaying to fund said camera, wish me luck!

Feeling a bit delicate today as are many it seems but the Christmas/New year over eating etc is behind us, time to get back to normal and get some exercise too!

After yesterday's emotional ramblings (I always find new year to be a very mixed bag when it comes to feelings) I don't really have much to say today, I'm the sort of fellow that keeps my feelings very much to myself and shoving them up here is a whole new experience for me.

So today's image was taken on one of my winter walks over Christmas, almost alien like fungi that I've never seen before, enjoy or not as the case may be!



ID7 said...

Finally got logged in, I kept using the wrong username.... anyway this image, has a great tone, nice angle and detail in the shot, what you need to find now is something ironic, iconic, or symmetrical, or all of the above to add another element of interest. I liked the bottle shot you mailed, but it needs some work as you said. Good stuff mate... Someone has already crossed from my site to yours to look, and said good luck.

CraigM said...

So many user names so little memory to hold them, well I find that anyway!!

Thanks for your comments, I was already there, thinking about something symmetrical, I shot some the other day but didn't like them. Don't think I'm going to have the chance today to get out with the camera may have to draw on the archives. I have something iconic, whether it's a good shot I don't know, I'll find out I guess ;^)