Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Wot you looking at?

After a trip out with the camera and my fearless dog Terry at the weekend, finding that my "fresh" set of batteries were in fact flat, it's back to the archives today!

Not a remarkable shot but what was remarkable was that this hen blackbird landed on the fence next to me and was seemingly not bothered about me at all. Chancing my luck I ventured indoors to get my camera and lo and behold she was still there. So not bothered with me, I stood within about three foot and reeled off no less than 16 shots before she got bored!

Until next time then with some fresh material I hope!



ID7 said...

I always figure that creatures without any fear of humans whatsoever are infact human re-incarnations and that they are now in their second life. Sounds strange, but somewhere in my dark mind, it makes sense.... what a patient old bird.....

CraigM said...

I'll go along with that to a certain extent, I'm a firm believer that animals certainly know a lot more than they are letting on!