Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Sunlight on the water, rain upon a leaf

Phew what a week so far, back to evening classes and back to youth club ( helping run it, too old for attending these days) plus the usual day to day work stuff!
On the upside we now have street lighting back in the village which has been off for over a month, a newspaper story in the local rag and all of a sudden fixed, good old WHDC I really feel I'm getting value for my money ;^)
I took this image not long after buying my current camera, I really like close up stuff, goes hand in hand with my obsession for details I think! I kind of liked this but wished the composition was better, after a couple tweaks I'm happier but not completely!
Oh and the title, a blatant lift from Paul Weller's Heavy Soul Pt1, every time I look at this image that line goes through my mind.


ID7 said...

Nice capture mate.... right on the edge of the moment.... sharp aswell, and I like the dof.... cj