Sunday, 27 January 2008

Follow The Yellow Brick Road

Went to a "crisis" meeting today concerning the Church Lads' & Church Girls' Brigade camp sites "Vectis Youth Camps" on the IOW as the name would suggest.
It's like this, a downturn of bookings means less income but more importantly lack of helping hands to go down and maintain the sites and put up tents etc which means we are spending money to hire people to do these jobs. If any of you members and ex members read my blog WE NEED YOUR HELP, think of what The Brigade gave to you, it certainly gave a lot to me. If you can give a weekend up to go and help please do, either contact Stuart Lewis or contact through me and I'll pass your info on to him. Thanks.
Today's image is from my walk yesterday, it struck me as funny after a conversation with a friend this evening and the Scarecrow's line from The Wizard Of Oz "some people go both ways" Not me old friend! Hence the title.


Julia said...

Blimey, you still involved with the clcgb? I had no idea it was still going :)

Takes me back years to that old church hall in Cromer :) - wish my kids could have experienced that freedom we had!

ID7 said...

freedom to go which ever way you fancy mate... good luck with your IOW appeal... all hands on deck for that one.... csj