Thursday, 17 January 2008

Embers of The Day

I like this for several reasons;
It's one of my favourite places,
I like sunsets & managed to capture one I quite like,
I forgot my tripod and managed to hold it still long enough by hand!

Of course it's another from my archives, must make the effort to get out this weekend!



ID7 said...

its tempting not to go out when its grey, and dull, and wet, but you need to go see what you can see, and suck up some of that fresh air. Work a small patch, and revisit it often, it will yield different things again and again. Good hand held shot, central composition is crucially the part of this picture that might not work for me, but a good sunset is always worth archiving..... csj

CraigM said...

Thanks mate, I did go out for a short while but didn't really yield anything worthwhile. I hear what you're saying about the central composition and to be honest I had some off centre that would have been better but handshake was too visable to use them! Must not forget the tripod next time!