Saturday, 8 August 2009

Big Beautiful Doll

It's been a hectic week so I apologise for the lack of posts. I have only one week of work left until holidays and as usual it's crazy busy trying to get everything done before we close.

Should I apologise for posting another image from Flying Legends? I feel as though I should but I must admit that the process has been a pleasant one and the images have certainly captured imaginations everywhere judging by the responses.

So I'm off to finish off that bottle of white that's calling me, let me know what you think, good, bad & ugly.

Oh and the title is the name of the Mustang, not the big fellow giving me the stare!



Elaine- said...

what a cool plane, love the checker board nose :) and what a great pic, love that guy with all the bullets and the other guy with the snoopy hat on... yeah these are great, no need to apologize! heavens no!

Ilan said...

You shouldn't apologize at all!
I really enjoy this last set, like looking on something that might be presented on History Channel.
Awesome works and processing, keep the coming!

z-vet said...

No need to apologize: this Flying Legends set is amazing and i like it a lot. Show us more, it's fantastic!

Nukke said...

Huj ! That man looks like my father who is going to hunt fieldfare ALMOST because he has more bullets and he looks so like angry :) And I like these dreamphotos so much because even those expressions are so good. That man really looks like he is going to shoot enemy !

Alex said...

Soberbia fotografia, con esas tan buenas texturas.
Me gusta mucho la expresion de la cara del artillero.
Buen trabajo, saludos.

Stephen Van Tuyl said...

Those planes and the men who flew them definitely did kick some ass! Cool shot.