Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sea Breeze

Back to work this week, it's strange how quickly you can become accustomed to doing your own thing every day. I can honestly say I didn't miss work!

Another from my hols then, just something I saw whilst walking along the beach in the blistering heat, yes I really did say that about an August holiday in England.

That's about all, I'm bushed for today, let me know your thoughts as always.



Elaine- said...

i wonder how deeply they buried the bodies lol.. or maybe they buried money and left that as a marker!! you should have dug :) in the blistering heat, cool shot my friend!!

z-vet said...

This photo seemed very static to me at first. But then i realized how full of motion it is at the same time. Very nice!

Coffeedoff said...

Great photo! Makes me wish I was there.