Wednesday, 30 September 2009

High n Dry

So the government propose to remove hospital parking charges within three years?

Wow, well done Gordy, they'll be back to what they used to be which is free! Honestly having just spent an unscheduled trip to the hospital A&E this evening and having to park outside some distance away because I had no cash on me it can't come soon enough. I do hate the way they talk as if they're doing us a big favour by giving us back what we had in the first place!!

Back on Blakeney Marsh today and another boat. Not left abandoned this time though, this one appeared to be someone's home and despite being high and dry when I was there I guess that all the ropes and chains mean the tide gets up here at some point.

Let me know your thoughts as always.



Elaine- said...

pretty cool, a flat bottom boat so that it can stay on dry land, i used to live on a boat, only it was in the water.. hehe, my poodle kept falling in... love the HDR look to this pic, well done you!! 2 days in a row, Craig's back, wooohoooo!!

z-vet said...

This photo is absolutely beautiful. Very well done, i love just anything about it.

martie said...

Wow! What a fantastic find - a beached ship! It's really wonderful and I love all the details you brought out in it. That ladder is a bit strange with the chains (anchor?) in the front. Wouldn't think you'd need an anchor if you have a ladder. Is this home-sweet-home to someone I wonder?

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful photo.
I love everything about it.
The boat, the grass and the sky!

Andrei Barbu said...

Excellent, beautiful image! Great angle, colors and light!