Monday, 28 September 2009

Brushing Up

I heard of a new council scheme today, at the moment in Exeter but it's sure to spread rapidly if it's implemented.

What is this scheme? Well all of those out of town supermarkets that were opposed at the time but the council allowed anyway, now they wish to tax the free car parking spaces provided at these places.

The reason? To save the environment and to encourage us back to the high street. Now the last time I looked at a bus timetable (some time ago I admit) where I live I could either get the one bus a week that goes to the town I wish to visit (I'd have to take a day off of work to do so because it's in the week) or I could get another bus and change three times to make what is a five minute journey by car. In other words I'm unlikely to take public transport. Now shopping in local or high street stores is something that I try to do often, especially independent shops but let's face facts high council business rates have forced most of them out of business already!

Perhaps I do not explain myself very well but the bottom line as I see it is that this is just another tax on us and I'm sick of being taxed to death! They know full well that nothing will change and most people will still go to the supermarkets, either the shop will charge for parking or they'll put goods up and pay for it that way. I pay road tax, tax on my petrol, tax on my insurance premium, an MOT charge, VAT on service and spares-you get the picture!

Talking of pictures :) we went out for the day to Duxford and the bus show yesterday so in a break from the Norfolk images here's one from there. No problem catching a bus here ;O)



Elaine- said...

sounds like your govt is as crazy as ours haha... funny picture, he's got all the REAL buses in front of him and he's looking at a bus picture book lol i dig it!!