Monday, 21 September 2009

Day & Night

I'm not going to apologise again. You know where I've been and yes I am the slowest decorator in the world!

It stems from the fact that I decide to change everything even those fixtures I was sure were permanent last time and I would never have to change them again ;) Also the perfectionist in me comes to the fore as it does quite often and I spend a silly amount of time trying to get the little things just right, ho hum.

Underneath Cromer pier then in this shot. Many happy times spent here with friends, searching for shells etc on scavenger hunts by day and some evenings too making sure the girls didn't get scared in the dark ;O)



martie said...

LOVE this one - the texture of the pier and the shadows on the ground and the gorgeous sky above. Wonderful water. Excellent!!

Elaine- said...

very cool shot Craig, love the perspective and the shadows... was glad to see a post here at all when i showed up lol :)

Tammy-Cricket said...

Beautiful image Craig. I love those happy times on the beach. That is what life is about!

I really like your play on shadows here.