Thursday, 27 November 2008

Whatever the Weather

It never ceases to amaze me, no matter what the weather throws at us, why do we British still have a compulsion to get on the beach?

I include myself in this, although I do draw the line at getting in the water because even at the height (if there is one) of summer that North sea is flipping taters (as me old Nan used to say bless her). I distinctly remember visiting my great uncle in Felixstowe, Easter time, when I was four or five and insisting we walk along beach. It was snowing, hard, we still went!!

Enough of that waffle then! Don't forget to visit my good friend Craig over at id7, he's raising money for a very worthy cause so pop over and give him some support, he's promised a mugshot at the end of the month-can't wait ;O)



blauwgestreept said...

Very nice on large. I like the overall toning and the detail still available in the clouds.

BoB said...

very nice composition

JJ said...

Beautifully composed, well worth seeing larger, Beautiful colors, doesnt look to bad a day
As for understanding the British, I am married to one, and all I will say is does anyone understand them LOL

NJ & SB Photography said...

Una captura muy buena, buen control de luz y color.
Bellos reflejos a la izquierda de las personas junto al agua.

CraigM said...

Thanks everyone, appreciate you stopping by.

Ted said...

Great shot Craig & beautifully framed.