Friday, 14 November 2008

Mini Trees


I had a chat with my boss earlier today about this whole financial situation the country/world is in right now. It really is crap, through no fault of our own, especially those of us that have strived to continue manufacturing in the UK, keep people employed and resist the temptation to import cheap products. I could carry on but you'd be bored and I'll get bitter and twisted!

I shot this whilst walking along the beach with my eldest son. He remarked that all these little plants looked rather like small trees, we then went off on silly conversation about a whole community of tiny people living here, daft but it's these things that happy memories are made of, things you'll remember for all time.

I like this frame but I could not get it to look right after many attempts, this has come close and whilst the almost teal sky might not be to everyone's taste I like it, reminds me of how 70's colour photos looked and being a nostalgia junkie it brings back happy memories for me.



Elaine- said...

lol what a nice story, mini trees, indeed! and i LOVE the color of the sky? well done you!

JJ said...

I wont get started on the financial situation and those that caused it or I will write a few chapters of venting LOL
the little plants do look like little tree, looks like a beautiful beach to walk along