Monday, 10 November 2008

Still Remembering

As I'm sure you know I spent the day at Duxford yesterday attending the remembrance service there.

As a bugler it's still a strange time for me not to be part of a remembrance service especially when a drum and bugle band struck up yesterday I wanted to out there playing! Still they were good and could do without my duff notes I'm sure!

I wanted to capture this at the end of the day. The old control tower against the setting sun on this, very much, still active airfield. The tower itself is still in use and for the most part looks as it did in the 1940's which makes it not unique but one of very few.

I've been working through the tutorials over at Chromasia and this image has been toned with the selective colour tool. This was my first time using this method and whilst I'm not sure if I fully understand it yet I feel that if you don't try you will not learn.

So as always I'd be pleased to hear your thoughts and critique, I do realise however that there is some burnout but if I'd waited any longer the light would have been gone and as I said I wanted this shot.



Olivier said...

Nice sunset and colors. Selective colors is not a tool that I use but it is a great tool.

CraigM said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, it means a lot and I appreciate it.