Thursday, 20 November 2008


Well he's plastered, my son that is.

Went back to the fracture clinic this morning, had another x-ray and slapped a fresh full plaster on. Let's hope it's off for Christmas! He of course is still worrying how long it will be before he can get back on the pitch.

These are some old bus lamps, do you spot my deliberate mistake? Answers in a comment please.



JJ said...

I'm guessing he will be out for a few weeks, other players tend to get upset if you try and play with a cast on
as for the deliberate mistake, is yit you in the reflection complete with smoke?

Elaine- said...

they look like old star wars robots, put out to pasture :) nice shot!!

CraigM said...

Thanks again folks, JJ, yep you got it, what a silly mistake, we live n learn eh?! Elaine, Star Wars robots indeed, I like that! :O)