Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Old Haunts

There were a lot of sirens going today passing by my workplace and I heard this evening that there was an explosion in a warehouse nearby, with two perhaps killed. I hope that's not correct but time will tell-makes you remember that whilst you might whinge and moan things could be a lot worse.

The image today is an alleyway in my old home town, my mates and I would meet here down this stinking alley every Saturday afternoon, hang out there for a while. I hadn't been down there in twenty years or so, brought back some memories ;O)



Susan said...

Cool the composition, depth, and the black and white treatment!

Anonymous said...

I went down here by mistake before we left and I got flash backs. Do you remember the kicking from Dobson & Reily, all over nothing. But anyway those were the days

JJ said...

wonderful perspective and lighting, when i go back to places i used to be at 20 well 30 or more years ago now I r=find they have changed so much do you find the same

CraigM said...

Thanks for your comments, it's much appreciated.

Andy: remember it all too well, I thought of you as I walked down there, one of those memories that stick for all the wrong reasons!

JJ: I know what you mean but there are some places that seem stuck in time and this was one of them, hadn't changed a bit.

Thanks again all.