Tuesday, 30 December 2008


Not a lot to say today apart from isn't it flipping cold?

I did venture out for a walk this afternoon despite the frost that has hung around all day. I have to wonder why benches seem to beg to be photographed. You see many images of them and I must admit every time I see one I feel compelled to take a shot.

I went out with the 17-85 attached but changed to the 50mm as I couldn't get enough shutter speed in the failing light but I really should have moved a couple of stops from f1.8. Still I liked the small point of focus on the frost, just a bit more depth might have been better.

On another note I'm deliberating over the latest Photo Friday challenge "Best Shot Of 2008" I'm my own biggest critic and trying to pick one shot is hard! Any thoughts let me know!

Bet you're glad I didn't have a lot to say eh? I'm off to light a log fire!!



JJ said...

I think the tight DOF worked well on this bench shot,I to would be hard pressed to pick a best shot of 2008, not because I think there all good but I am my worst critic as I suspect you are.
Meant to be working now but will try and make my way back this evening and look through your shots of the year, but the two I remember off hand that I really liked were, the one of the coke can in the sand, but perhaps because i am a die hard coke fan, and the other one I remember well is the one of the broken piece of wood I thought that was a dramatic and excellent shot


paolo said...

I think the DOF here it's just great because leave to the imagination all the feelings about the hypothetical stories with this bench!

Elaine- said...

i love this shot,, and the dof makes it look like it was taken with a lensbaby or something, just wonderful!

Denise said...

I really like this mood of colors + the perspective u made

Nicely Done Craig!!

DaveB said...

Love the colours in this one, although I feel a slightly wider DoF might be nicer!