Friday, 19 December 2008

Shrinking Island

Well nice to see opposing views to yesterday's post, I didn't get as much abuse as I thought I might, just enough! ;O)

I've been out this evening so didn't have time to prepare anything else. Just an example of the coastal erosion, massive parts of the cliffs falling all of the time. It's really quite strange in places because you can see buildings cut in half or completely fallen to the beach. In Cromer itself the original village is actually under the sea, makes you think what inroads the sea has made in a relatively short time.

I shall endeavor to post something seasonal tomorrow, promise!



Elaine- said...

yes do, lets' talk about global warming when we are all in a deep freeze... my chihuahua is out freezing her tootsies off right now... aaah well, i wish you snow, and lots of it, so your holidays can start early :)

JJ said...

Had to check out yesterdays comments, not to opposing ;)

Its amazing the power water can have isnt it cutting through rocks over time