Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Loitering With Intent

Well I have to say I made a real pig of myself last night, all you can eat isn't all it's cracked up to be.

I got some great gifts for my birthday too but do you know what I was most pleased about? They were bought locally and from independent shops too.

I know I bang on about this sort of stuff but if you can't buy locally made products the next best thing to me is to buy locally and support local businesses especially those that are independent shops. I can shop online just as well as anyone else but if I can buy it in the high street I will, what will happen if we all shop online? People complain that town center shops are closing down and we're being overrun with coffee shops, cafes etc but if we don't shop there how can these businesses survive? It's difficult for some stuff I know, camera gear for a start, not likely to find much gear made in the UK but I do have a local camera shop, he'll match most prices where he can and you get personal service. Can't beat it I say!

Well that's my two pennies worth, I'd better shut up now ;O)

Oh yes, image, shot this a few weeks back, pigeons just hanging out, but I'm sure they have an agenda, a plan...........?



csj said...

Thats a cracker, a very nice moment, captured cleanly, and finished nicely.


JJ said...

I agree with csj that is a cracking shot, I have to admit I am big for online shopping, but rethinking that now with what you have said, the idea of all the small shops closing down and being forced always to shop online is not somewhere I want to go

CraigM said...

Thanks, I liked this shot, it's so moody and in reality I done very little post production. The day was so overcast that it was almost mono from the word go!