Monday, 22 December 2008

Tenuous Link?

More Christmas preparations leave me little time this evening. Still only one more day of work which is something to look forward to!

I've had this image for some time and despite calls from the family to post it I've resisted. Why? Well it seemed a little cliché, the Coca Cola tin and the selective colouring. That's not to say that personally I didn't like it though and with nothing festive to post today I thought just maybe......

We have to remember that the familiar image of Santa in his red suit with white trimmings was in fact a creation of the Coca Cola company! So there you have it a very tenuous link to Christmas. I'll try harder tomorrow, maybe ;O)



JJ said...

Close enough for me I have a bunch of coca cola ornaments on our tree, and a whole swag of coca cola collectibles cars liliput lane houses etc set up as a little village
so clearly i like this shot

Only one more day of work for me then 5 days off ;)

happy Hoidays

Elaine- said...

it's a great shot, good heavens there's enuff to worry about in this world without having to care whether a shot feels cliche lol i didn't know the red and white suit were coca cola's creation, how disturbing lolol

paolo said...

I agree with you and these days red sure makes a nice Christmas atmosphere!

sarala said...

I like the photo!