Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Out With the Old & In With The New

Well I deliberated long and hard over my "best of 2008" for the Photo Friday challenge and in the end I choose this. I realise that this shot is not for everyone and it's not something you would hang on your wall but it says a lot, it's a great moment captured (hark at me bigging myself up).

Photography has gradually taken a hold on me over the last year after being on the back burner for a very long time and it's been great, long may it continue too. I enjoy all sorts of subjects too but I've found that street stuff gives me the most satisfaction, when you see that moment happening and you manage to capture it, it is the most rewarding as far as I'm concerned, the shots that make me go "Yes!!" I got it! So it's for that reason I chose that shot, there are many others I like, some I really love but it was this one that gave the most back to me. I hope that all makes sense because I've had a couple already ;O)

So if you think it has merit you can vote for it from Friday January the 2nd and you'll find it under Random Rambling shot 370.

Today's I thought appropriate for the "Out with the old" thing for new year.

So it just remains for me to say to you all, my family, friends old and new, my regular readers (thanks to all of you too, your comments keep me going) Happy New Year, may it be good to all of you.

CM2008 (for the last time eh?)


JJ said...

Yes your explanation of why you picked that shot for the photo friday challenge, I too only got back into photography this year also and am really enjoying it and can relate to the "yes" feel when you get the shot as you hoped to

its been a pleasure visiting your blog this year and look forward to continuing in 2009 and beyond

Happy New Year to you and yours

Elaine- said...

nooo thank YOU for commenting! i'm lost if somebody doesn't comment first lol may our photographically symbiotic relationship continue in 2009! i loved the shot you chose btw... and yes, forgetting all things past, we press on to the prize :) happy new year, craig, to you and yours!!!!

ROB said...

Out with the old will be the mantra for 2009 I think...

Pere said...

Bonita imagen. Me gustan mucho las texturas y el colorido.