Monday, 8 September 2008

99? That'll be £10.99!!

I need to take a day off soon to have a tooth removed, it seems it's a difficult one that necessitates the need to visit a specialist and have some bone removed in order to get it out NICE!

I digress, it's not the tooth it's the day off, everyone else does it, sick days, sofa deliveries, dog needs brushing etc etc but me? A day off? End of the world it would seem-better look after myself, what would they do without me?

Rant over then. I had some fun with the camera whilst away, just keeping it around my neck, pointing in the general direction and pressing the shutter. Things are more natural that way, no one poses or tries to get out of the way, it was an interesting experiment. I liked all the people in this. The young couple wishing they weren't on holiday with the folks, the kid on a mission to get somewhere quickly and the poor Dad standing there, knowing that this ice cream had probably just cost him over a tenner! Had he clocked me? Hmm who knows, you decide?



Craig Judd said...

This shot is one for your folio. Its pretty much the best shot I've seen this year on different levels. its not without fault, and those are subjective, technically and perceptually this shot is for me spot on, maybe not for everyone, but I love the subject walking into the frame, i like the opposing angle of the teenager looking out of frame, I like the direct attention of the dad, and the icecream person glancing a view. The only slight fault for me was to crop the word Ice Cream at the top of frame, but its a classic for me mate.... welldone... very envious of this shot..... CJ