Thursday, 4 September 2008


Well it's been a few days since I last bored you with one of my holiday snaps and I don't have much else at the moment so here's another!

After visiting an attraction that promised much and delivered very little I went for a drive along the coast. Seeing a sign for parking just behind the beach I took a turn off the road and went to take a look. It was literally a shingle car park and one guy with an old 2CV van selling (rather good) coffee and doing a roaring trade, good for him.

This was shot looking east towards Wells and Blakney (my old school chums should remember Blakney Spit very well as we had to walk it on a field trip, remember?). So feeling bold I took a shot or two of this old fella who turned up with his rod out of nowhere.



Anonymous said...

Mate, its got to be said that your photography quality has I'd say improved by at least 200% since the purchase of the Canon. Now I'm not usually one to say that the camera makes a difference and that its the eye that counts, but DAMN your quality has moved up a new league, well done you!....your loving it I can tell!....CJ

Anonymous said...

When were you there CM? I was at the Spit (Waybourne and watching the seals on 04/09/08.

Was raining hard but looked very similar to your pic minus the fisherman.