Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Hung Out To Dry!

Work, just like everyone else's business it would seem, is getting slow, in fact very slow. Everyone is starting to feel the pinch.

As the world strives for cheaper and cheaper products and our own manufacturing disappears those imports are creeping up in price because they have us right where they want us. I'm no economist or politician and for sure there are many factors but do yourselves a favour, next time you buy something try and buy a British Made product-if you can still find one!

Taken on one of my beach wanders, some washing hung out, right in the middle of nowhere and not a soul in sight, how strange!



csj @ said...

Good shot mate, I'd have just pulled off from burning the ridge line so heavily against the sky by using an adjustment layer and using a very soft brush to remove the mask against the land....... god subject....CJ