Thursday, 1 January 2009

Sun Sets on 2008

I really should have posted this yesterday but as I often am I was torn between two images.

I've posted a shot of this building before here but flicking through some raw files yesterday I came across this and I like it more so.

I overdone the celebrations a tad last night, I paid the price this morning ;O) never mind, I'll try and get the balance right next new year! Several of you have been in touch to let me know what tosh I was talking, thanks folks, keep rubbing it in!!



JJ said...

I think I prefer this to the other one also, both nice shots, but the colors in the sky and composition in this I prefer

sorry to hear your a little worse for wear today


Elaine- said...

looks like God is shining down on a church, i don't know if its a church but i dig it!! happy 2009!!!

pere said...

Genial la iluminaciĆ³n en la zona del cielo y muy buena composiciĆ³n. Saludos.