Saturday, 24 January 2009

AV Gas & Paint Fumes


The less said about this week the better, I'm glad it's over and it can only go upwards from here right? Honestly it's been a crappy one that I won't bore you with the details of.

I have had a blast with these textures and/or layers this week though. It's really been fun experimenting with them. So I hope you'll forgive me for posting another?

The theme over on Shutterday this week is Aviation. Those of you that know me, have been reading long enough or indeed unfortunate to live in the same house, will know that this is another passion of mine, especially WWII aviation.

So you would have thought it'd be any easy one for me but to be honest I've hundreds of aircraft images, mostly taken with the old Fuji (to which I seem to have some aversion to posting, (should I?). I had quite a few to choose from then, one of my choices was this which was taken with the old Fuji and I love this one, would have pleased the purists too as I haven't touched it.

However I'd been working on an image of Sally B (star of the Memphis Belle movie), the UK's only airworthy B-17, for no particular reason other than I liked it. When I got home today I started to play around with textures on it and I have to say I'm really happy with the way it turned out. You can see the straight(ish) version here. She's been grounded this last year through engine trouble but I know the new engine had been delivered and was close to being fitted when I last saw her so I'm looking forward to seeing her back in the air this year where she belongs :O)

As a side note I was saying the other day that I wish I'd could put up an alternative image, as I have done today, so you can see the difference but you can't do that on blogger without creating another post. A light bulb came on, dimly, in my head this morning that I have a photobucket account. So there, another problem solved!

Phew that was a long one today, let me know your thoughts please, it's always nice to get the feedback.



Elaine- said...

gorgeous, it seems to me that your textured images look different than mine and i was wondering if we could compare techniques.. not that i have any great technique lol... i love your photo tho, with or without the texture!

chromasia said...

Well, the experimenting was worth the effort - you should be proud of this one :)

JJ said...

I agree with previous comments this is great work, the original was a great shot but the end result with te textures is brilliant

csj@id7 said...

Mate, nice one, I like the tonailty in the final frame. The textur (is it a kitchen surface?) but it gives it that real out of an old box feel, I like it.....csj

CraigM said...

Thanks everyone.

I have to say I really enjoyed doing this one and I was really happy with the result, so much so I printed it which I don't often do. Glad to know that you all liked it too :)

Lola M. said...

This did come out beautifully, a wonderful vintage feel. Sometimes I think it doesn't matter how the shot started out, a great final image is sometimes enough, no?