Sunday, 11 January 2009

Life from a Window

I've had what can only be described as a real lazy day.

Full of hot mugs of tea, thick slices of toast and snoozing with my dog (his favourite pastime after eating). So that being the case I don't really have a lot to say.

Yesterday's post was, I have to say, a bit weak and I'm not sure today's is much better. I do like it though just because it's an unusual view of London that I certainly haven't seen before, either first hand or in an image.



JJ said...

I too am having a lazy day, need to chuck some stuff in a bag for my two night trip to a management meeting, but putting it off and having a lazy day

this is a unique view you posted, I like it, is that a boiler of some sort inside?

CraigM said...

Thanks JJ, hope your trip goes well. This was taken from inside the Science Museum and I can't remember what this was, something medical but what I can't remember!

Elaine- said...

i think it's a neat picture, like some time traveler is looking out the window of where in the past he landed, cool perspective!